Reviewing the Best Car Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Nov 08, 2022
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Table of Contents
  1. Why use a subwoofer?
  2. Choosing the Best Subwoofer for Deep Bass
  3. Type of Subwoofer Enclosure
  4. Best Car Subwoofer Placement for Deep Bass
  5. Final thoughts

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Best Car Subwoofers for Deep Bass at a Glance

Best Overall: Skar Audio Dual 12"

Best on a Budget: MTX Audio Terminator Series

Best Bass: Rockford Fosgate P300-12

Best for Small Vehicles: Rockville Rws12ca Slim 1200 Watt

Best Value: Skar Audio Single 12" 2500W

Why use a subwoofer?

Car sound systems are evaluated on several factors, including power handling, sound quality, and other features. One of the most important features among them is having deep bass.

The subwoofer is the primary source of deep bass sound in a car. A powerful subwoofer with a large cone area can produce high-quality sound and provide an immersive music experience.

On the other hand, a car subwoofer with a small cone area may not be able to produce enough bass and the quality of sound may suffer because of its reduced power handling capacity. Therefore, it is important to choose a subwoofer that has both power and quality.

In this article, we'll review the best car subwoofers for deep bass so you can choose the right one for your vehicle.

Choosing the Best Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Subwoofers are specifically designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds (bass) that regular speakers cannot. A subwoofer can greatly improve the listening experience by adding depth and realism to the sound. If you are a fan of music with deep bass or if you enjoy watching movies with intense action scenes, then a subwoofer is a must-have.

When it comes to choosing a car subwoofer, there are many options available in the market. However, not all of them offer the same features and benefits.

This means it’s important to compare different subwoofers before making a purchase. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a car subwoofer:

Size and volume

The size of the subwoofer is important for two reasons. First, you need to make sure that it will fit in your car or home theater.

The size of the subwoofer mainly depends on the space available in your car. If you have a large vehicle, then you can go for a bigger unit.

In contrast, if your car is small, then you should select a smaller unit.

An 8" subwoofer will provide tight, clean bass. Some 8-inch subwoofers produce excellent sound quality and might be compared to a lower-end 10" or 12".

Similarly, the volume of the subwoofer also matters. A higher volume means that it can produce more powerful bass sounds. Therefore, it is important to consider the size and volume of the subwoofer before making a purchase.

Frequency response

Frequency response is another important factor that determines the quality of sound produced by the subwoofer. It is measured in hertz (Hz) and indicates the range of frequencies a particular subwoofer can produce. Therefore, it is important to consider the frequency response of a subwoofer before making a purchase.

You want a subwoofer with a wide frequency response so that it can reproduce the lowest frequencies. The best Hz for bass is between 60-250 Hz.

Number of voice coils

There are two types of voice coils in a subwoofer: single voice coils and dual voice coils. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Single voice coil: A single voice coil is made up of a single piece of copper wire wrapped around the former. This type of voice coil uses two terminals, one negative and one positive.

  • Dual voice coil: A dual voice coil consists of two pieces of copper wire wrapped around the former. This type of voice coil uses two negative and two positive terminals. This coil is different from single voice coils in that it allows for more wiring and customization options for your speaker system.


The impedance is the measure of the opposition to the flow of an alternating current. A higher impedance means that more power is required to produce the same effect. Therefore, a subwoofer with a higher impedance will require more power to produce the same amount of bass as a subwoofer with a lower impedance.

However, a higher impedance provides a better sound quality than a lower impedance subwoofer. Most subwoofers have 4 ohms impedance.

Type of Subwoofer Enclosure

There are three main types of subwoofer casing enclosures: sealed, ported, and bandpass.

Sealed enclosures are the most popular type, as they are the easiest to design and build. Ported enclosures are slightly more complex, but they offer a better bass response. Bandpass enclosures are the most complex and expensive, but they offer the best bass response of all.

Best Car Subwoofer Placement for Deep Bass

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to finding the best car subwoofer placement for deep bass. First, the subwoofer should be placed in the trunk of the car. This will help to increase the bass response and prevent the subwoofer from taking up too much space in the car. 

Second, the subwoofer should be placed as close to the center of the car as possible. 

This placement will give you the deepest bass possible. It will help to ensure that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the car. Finally, make sure that the subwoofer is not placed too close to any walls or other objects that could block the sound.

Best Overall: Skar Audio Dual 12"

★ 5.0/5

Your music needs power and clarity, but you can't sacrifice the bass. That's why Skar Audio has made a dual 12" best car subwoofer for deep bass that delivers it all.

With powerful bass reproduction and amazing power, this subwoofer is perfect for any size room. Plus, its ultra-flexible power cable makes installation easy, even on uneven surfaces.

These subwoofers come with everything you need to install, and the installation takes around 1-2 hours, even if you have never installed a subwoofer before. There will be several YouTube tutorials available to help you through the process.

So when you want optimal sound from your music, the Skar Audio Dual 12" Subwoofer is your go-to source.

You've got a nice pair of speakers, but they don't have the bottom-end punch you need. Skar Audio's dual 12" subwoofer can help you fill that gap with an amazing bass response and power. Get clean sound all day long thanks to its built-in 80W amplifier, and control your music with its handy remote control.

Don't settle for average sound anymore. Get Skar Audio's Dual 12" Subwoofer now!

Key Features:

  • Peak Power: 2,400 Watts

  • Weight: 118.9 pounds

  • Dimensions: 40.75 x 22 x 21 inches

  • Tuning Frequency of Enclosure: 32 Hz

  • Final Impedance at Terminal Cup: 1 Ohm

Best on a Budget: MTX Audio Terminator Series

★ 4.0/5

Key Features:

  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 150Hz

  • Impedance:

  • Peak Power: 800 Watts

  • Weight: 44 pounds

  • Dimensions: 14 x 29 x 13 inches

Are you looking for the best car subwoofer for deep bass that doesn’t break the bank? This subwoofer is perfect for smaller cars since it offers great sound quality at an affordable price. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to fit in any car.

If you like your movies and music with a powerful punch, then the Terminator Series Subwoofer is for you. This subwoofer is perfect for any type of home theater or media room. 

Not only does it deliver amazing bass sound, but it also has an internal wiring system that will ensure maximum bass output without affecting other electrical devices in your home.

With its high-quality materials and construction, this subwoofer should last for years to come. Thanks to its internal wiring and 2-ohm final load, the Terminator Series Subwoofer delivers powerful lows that are sure to shake the ground beneath your feet.

Polypropylene cone and voice coil provide durability, while Rubber surround provides added protection against damage.

The 1-year manufacturer's warranty ensures that you have peace of mind when purchasing this quality product from MTX Audio. Don't settle for anything less - get yourself a pair of Terminator Series Subwoofers today!

Best Bass: Rockford Fosgate P300-12

★ 4.5/5

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: ‎11 x 19.8 x 15 inches

  • Weight: ‎29.6 pounds

  • Warranty: 1-year

Do you want to add the best car subwoofer for deep bass to your car audio system? Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Subwoofer may be a good option.

Rockford Fosgate has created what is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and versatile subs on the market today. Packed to the brim with advanced bass technology, this subwoofer will take your audio to a whole new level.

From music videos to car stereos, this thing can do it all. And when you pair this bad boy up with an amplifier from Rockford Fosgate, you're sure to experience a true-to-life sound that will leave you speechless.

It features an adjustable 12dB/Octave low pass crossover, built-in adjustable bass EQ, and remote bass level control.

Rockford Fosgate is known for its high-quality products, and P300-12 is no different. With a powerful 300W amplifier and a custom-sealed enclosure, this subwoofer offers all of the features you need to get the most out of your audio system.

In addition, there's also a built-in 0-degree/180-degree phase switch to adjust the amount of cancellation between speakers for an even sound field.

Whether you're looking for a quality subwoofer that sounds great in any application or something more specialized for pro-level sound design and movie playback, Rockford Fosgate has what you're looking for.

And when it comes to value and durability, they've got you covered, too - check out our wide selection of P-Series subs online today!

Best for Small Vehicles: Rockville Rws12ca Slim 1200 Watt

★ 4.5/5

Key Features:

  • Peak Power: 1200 Watt

  • Frequency Response: 38hz-500hz

  • Dimensions: 18.2 x 10.1 x 26.5 inches

  • Weight: 31 pounds

  • Impedance: 4-ohms

Do you have a small vehicle? Upgrade your car's audio system with the Rockville RWS12CA 1200-watt subwoofer. This high-quality car subwoofer features a Kevlar-reinforced composite pulp cone, 3D molded acrylic dust cap, and a high-density laminated foam surround.

Kickstart your ride with a booming sound system. Rockville Slim 1200 Watt Car Subwoofer adds deep bass to any car's audio system.

High-density laminated foam surround delivers impressive low-end impact, while the integrated enclosure ensures sound quality that won't be outdone by any other system. And because it's powered by Rockville, you know your investment is protected by the best warranty in the business.

The slim design will fit almost any car or truck on the market today, while the powerful 1200 Watt amplifier ensures that you'll get clear and accurate bass all throughout your ride.

We all know that good rock music makes us feel the energy and feeling. With this Rockville 12ca Slim 1200 Watt Car Subwoofer, you can experience these feelings in real life. This power-packed subwoofer has been designed to give you the ultimate bass output while keeping your car safe and sound.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, this subwoofer is built to last and will add depth and clarity to your audio system for years to come.

Best Value: Skar Audio Single 12" 2500W

★ 5.0/5

Key Features:

  • Peak Power: 2,500 Watts

  • Impedance: 1 ohm

  • Tuning Frequency of enclosure: 38 Hz

  • Dimensions: 21 x 19.25 x 15.88 inches

  • Weight: 76.8 pounds

  • Frequency Response: 25 Hz - 300 Hz

We know how important it is for you to have that perfect bass in your car. Skar Audio Single 12" 2500W Car Subwoofer is the way to go if you want that extra kick in your music!

Why settle for less when you can have more? The Skar Audio Single 12" 2500W Car Subwoofer is the ideal solution when it comes to delivering deep and powerful bass. Not only will it allow you to achieve that booming sound you're looking for, but it will also give your music the perfect amount of bass.

This single-driver subwoofer is built for maximum bass output and delivers crisp highs without distortion.

Plus, its ventilated enclosure and heavy-duty MDF construction make it durable enough to last for years without any problems.

Finally, it comes with a nice clean box, and a good-sounding sub means deeper and louder bass, which can hit lower frequencies better than other speakers in its class.

So go ahead and pick one up today!

Final thoughts

In the end, we can say that from all the products we have reviewed here, Skar Audio Dual 12” is the best car subwoofer for deep bass you can ever get your hands on. 

It not only produces great deep bass but also has a powerful voice coil and advanced technology. Thus, it ensures good sound quality with no distortion at high volumes.

Also, since this car subwoofer comes in an attractive design with buttons to control different features, installing it will not be a hassle.

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Table of Contents
  1. Why use a subwoofer?
  2. Choosing the Best Subwoofer for Deep Bass
  3. Type of Subwoofer Enclosure
  4. Best Car Subwoofer Placement for Deep Bass
  5. Final thoughts