Is There a Free AI Writing Generator Available? Best AI Writing Generators

Nov 06, 2022
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Table of Contents
  1. What are AI writing generators?
  2. How do AI writing tools work?
  3. Benefits of AI writing tools
  4. Cons of AI writing tools
  5. Final thoughts

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Are you trying to start a freelancing business or copywriting agency but struggling to create consistent content that ranks on Google? Or maybe you’re managing social media accounts and need to write catchy headlines and body text for your ads and posts.

Whatever the case may be, new tools are now coming onto the market that help automate much of the content generation so you can write 2-5 times faster than you can normally. 

Well… that’s what they claim at least. 

The new tools on the market are AI writing generators. The artificial intelligence (AI) can produce original content that’s non-plagiarized and can nearly write a full blog post or social media caption for you. 

You may be wondering if there is a free AI writing generator on the market today since these tools are so effective. In short, no. There are no high-quality AI writing tools available for free on the market at this time. 

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the cost of different AI writing generators and which ones you should consider if you want to use AI writing for your business.

The best AI writing generators:

Best overall:

Best for grammar: Grammarly

Best for fast content: CopyAI

What are AI writing generators?

AI writing generators include many different tools that professional copywriters and freelancers use to check their work and generate new content with artificial intelligence. These tools are relatively new and the software isn’t perfect, but these are promising new tools that could be game changers for writers in the future.

One of the tools for correcting grammar and spelling is called Grammarly, which we will go over later in this article. Grammarly uses AI to check your content and make suggestions on how to improve your writing. Other AI tools that we’re going to discuss focus on generating new content while Grammarly is best for making sure your current content is clear and concise.

How do AI writing tools work?

AI writing tools are surprisingly simple to use. All you need to do is enter some information about the topic you’re writing content for and the AI writing tools will generate paragraphs of content for you. Then you’ll go in and edit the content to personalize it and polish it up to make it sound like yours.

It’s important to understand that AI writing tools can’t do everything for you. It’s a way to generate new ideas but it shouldn’t be relied upon to do all the work. 

Some AI writing tools differ from each other, but the general concept is all the same. You give information to the AI and they can generate fresh content that is SEO-optimized and sounds like a normal person wrote it. These tools are getting so good that it’s almost scary to think where this technology will be once it continues to get developed and improved over time.

Benefits of AI writing tools

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in using AI writing tools to create more content faster than doing if you wrote it yourself. These tools are becoming more popular for the myriad of benefits they provide writers, such as:

  • Faster content creation. The AI writing tools on the market can generate content 2-5 times faster than someone with an average typing speed. This means that content creators can produce more high-quality content in less time, doubling their output and leading to faster results with their content marketing strategy.

  • Scalability. AI writing tools can easily scale with your business as you acquire more customers and generate more revenue. Most AI writing tools have different plans you can choose based on the volume of content you need to create. Big teams can use AI writing tools with enterprise plans, while individuals can use the most basic plan and still get all the benefits of AI writing generators.

  • New ideas. AI writing tools not only produce a ton of content–they generate new ideas and can spark creativity in you and your team. Those that experience writer's block can overcome it and start producing amazing content with these innovative new tools.

Cons of AI writing tools

While AI writing tools have plenty of advantages, there are some limitations and downsides of AI writing tools that should be considered.

Plagiarism concerns

While AI writing tools claim to be free of plagiarism, we’ve seen reviews from users that claim their content was flagged for plagiarism, which is unacceptable in this industry.

Those using AI writing tools should ensure to re-read and edit the content the AI generates since these generators tend to scrape content from hundreds of web pages to come up with new ideas.

A big no-no in Google’s eyes

Google has made it clear that they want to prioritize content that is for humans and written by humans. They’ve said on numerous occasions that they will devalue your content if their search algorithms pick up any type of plagiarism or flaws in the writing that make it obvious it was not written by a human.

AI writing tools are a shortcut

People who use AI writing tools are often people that do plenty of other things throughout the day and don’t have the time or money to do the content writing themselves or outsource it to a high-quality copywriter. 

These tools are a shortcut and we believe that nothing on the market right now can replace high-quality human writing. 

While AI writing tools can be helpful for large teams and busy entrepreneurs, you should try to write your own content to get a basic understanding of how content marketing works and how to edit other people's writing.

AI writing tools simply cannot replace the expertise of humans

Those that are experts in their fields and share information via written content create better content that cannot be replaced by any type of artificial intelligence. If you want to make it in this industry, you need to know what high-quality copy looks like without relying on AI writing generators to produce your blog and website content. 

The best AI writing tools

Now that you know what AI writing tools are, it’s time to dive into the best tools that you can use today, some of these tools are free to use for basic versions, but for the main features of AI writing generators you should expect to shell out at least $30 per month.

Best overall -

There are plenty of new AI writing generators on the market right now, but takes the spot as the best AI writing tool. They claim that you’ll be able to write up to 5 times faster than normal writing on a keyboard and it is ideal for writing blogs, articles, social media copy, email newsletters, and much more.

So what makes Jasper that good?

Jasper’s AI has scraped millions of websites and creates new content based on previous inputs with their incredible technology. The software can create paragraphs right before your eyes that sound good and gets the main points across. It’s perfect for generating new ideas and adding to existing ones.

Online reviews of indicate that the software is useful for generating new ideas and not necessarily writing entire blog posts. Users also say that you can’t just copy and paste the content that Jasper produces. You’ll need to personalize the writing to your own style and add enough value to make your writing stand out.

Jasper has templates you can use to make the content generation process much easier than other AI writing options. The software is constantly being updated due to new technology being released and constant innovation in the field of AI writing tools.

Where Jasper falls short

While wins in the best overall AI writing tool, there are some downsides that are important to consider before investing in this tool or any others on the market.

First, Jasper is not an all-in-one solution to make it easy to write blog posts on autopilot. This AI writing technology is still being developed, and there isn’t anything on the market that can write a full blog post on autopilot without the need for editing and customization. 

Those looking for software so they don’t need to do anything will be disappointed if you think that any AI writing tools will do all the work. You should still expect to put in several hours of work if you want to produce a high-quality blog post or effective social media content.

The bottom line

Those who want the best AI writing generator on the market should turn to Their tools are the best on the market at the moment, but you should still anticipate putting in the work to make your writing stand out from all the other competitors on the market.

Best for fast content - CopyAI

While Jasper is the best overall AI writing tool, we wanted to mention CopyAI as a close competitor. CopyAI has tools meant to help create long-form content in the form of blogs and articles while also offering rephrasing tools and sales copy generation tools.

They claim to produce faster, fresher, and better copy than their competitors, but is this actually true?

Users of CopyAI report that they love the platform for its wide range of writing tools available and that their free version tends to be very useful. Those looking to get their feet wet with AI writing will find that CopyAI’s free version can get the job done for small businesses and solopreneurs, but to scale CopyAI with a team and have multiple people using the tools will require a paid subscription.

Reviews of CopyAI also report that the software is very easy to use compared to other AI writing tools and is a good value for the cost of the paid service.

However, users of CopyAI report that it doesn’t have the highest-quality writing and it’s not optimized for SEO–crucial components of any AI writing tool.

The bottom line

CopyAI is good for beginners who want to test out a free version of an AI writing tool that can seriously help speed up their content production cycle. However, those that work with teams or want the full benefits of AI writing generators should look to for the best writing and SEO-optimized content.

Best for grammar - Grammarly

Those who want to use the power of AI for correcting their writing and making it sound the best it can be should look to Grammarly. They have the best AI software that autosuggests small tweaks in your grammar as well as correcting your spelling and making sure you continue to write in active voice instead of passive voice.

Grammarly has a free tool that you can use to get started, but to get the core features of Grammarly you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

We use Grammarly every day to ensure that our writing is clear and concise. The software often picks up small errors that add up to making a big difference in the way our articles sound. 

Other useful writing tools

If you’re looking to produce content for your website, you’ll want to know all the tools you have at your disposal to create high-quality content that converts. 

Now is arguably the best time to get into content marketing due to all the tools that digital marketers have at their disposal. Below are some of the best additional tools that expert content marketers use to sell more of their products and services.


We can’t recommend Moz enough to use for SEO keyword research. Without a paid SEO tool to ensure you’re targeting high-volume keywords with low dififuclty scores, you won’t ever see the results that you’re looking for with SEO.

Moz is simply the best tool for keyword research on the market today. They show you exactly how many searches each keyword gets each month while most other tools only give you a range or monthly average.

Moz also shows you the organic click-through rate (CTR), which is the rate at which people click through to your website after seeing your content on Google search results. You’ll also get a Priority score which shows you how much of a priority you should make targeting each keyword.

Moz also has a generous 30-day free trial that you can use so you don’t even have to pay anything for your keyword research. Just be sure to cancel your subscription before the program renews at its normal rate after the 30-day free trial.

While Moz Pro starts at $179 per month, we recommend doing all your keyword research within the first month of the subscription and then canceling so you don’t have to keep paying the monthly subscription fees.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the best tool on the market to help with on-page SEO and making sure you’re targeting relevant keywords within the actual writing of your content. 

Since Google algorithms analyze websites for the on-page content, you’ll want to use Surfer SEO to ensure you’re using the keywords that people are actually searching for and ones that will help get you to the top of Google search results.

Surfer SEO is pretty incredible. They simply have the best tools on the market for ensuring your content will get picked up on Google search. They have a “Grow Flow” feature that recommends writing tasks you can do to help increase your organic SEO and get on the first page of Google faster.

Other key features of Surfer SEO include giving you a Content Score to show how strong your writing is for ranking on Google and ways you can improve. 

Surfer also has an outline builder that can help structure your article with appropriate H1, H2, and H3 headings that Google can index to push your content to the top of search results.

Surfer SEO is an advanced tool that not many beginners will be able to afford. It’s meant for experienced SEO professionals that want to take their SEO game to the next level for themselves or their clients. It’s recommended for people already bringing in money from their online business and wanting to reinvest to see bigger and better results.

Final thoughts

Search engine optimization is a long-term game. “Overnight success” often takes years with SEO, so learning the right principles now means you can reap the rewards of SEO later. 

We recommend going hard with SEO for at least a few months and giving it a real shot. When you start seeing that you’re content is getting discovered organically with Google Search Console, you’ll be motivated to keep going with SEO and start making real money with your efforts.

Whether you’re doing SEO for yourself or your clients, mastering this game can lead to plenty of success and new opportunities down the line.

For more information on how to start a profitable copywriting business this year, check out our website and browse our content library for lots of helpful guides and resources.

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Table of Contents
  1. What are AI writing generators?
  2. How do AI writing tools work?
  3. Benefits of AI writing tools
  4. Cons of AI writing tools
  5. Final thoughts