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Nov 06, 2022
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Table of Contents
  1. Where Alex Berman's cold email program shines
  2. Where Email10k falls short
  3. Who is Alex Berman?
  4. Email10k review
  5. What is Email10k?
  6. Who is Email10k for?
  7. Should you buy Email10k?
  8. Final thoughts
  9. Alex Berman links

Are you thinking about investing in Alex Berman’s cold email program? Email10k claims that it can get you high-paying clients simply by sending out cold emails. Alex claims to have made his clients millions from learning his cold email outreach techniques contained in the Email10k program. 

I joined Alex’s program for 2 months and I have a lot of information you’ll want to know to help you decide if the cold email course is worth $247 per month.

Enough talk, let’s dive right in!

Where Alex Berman's cold email program shines

  • Enough content to last a lifetime. Email10k flat-out delivers on cold email content. There are hundreds of hours of content that will likely take months to get through if you’re not a full-time agency owner. There is no doubt you will receive incredible education on how to get results with cold email and other types of marketing strategies.

  • Live Q&A from Alex Berman on Zoom. Each Wednesday at 2:00 pm, Alex jumps on a Zoom call with all the members of Email10k that can attend. It’s no big deal if you miss the call, but it’s one of the ways that Alex justifies the price tag of his program.

  • Good recommendations for cold email tools. All the tools that Alex recommended buying were easy to use and efficient in automating the cold email outreach strategy.

  • Private Slack channel. The Slack channel for the Email10k program can be helpful in getting your questions answered by Alex and other members. You can write about new email scripts you want to test or any other relevant topic you have questions about.

Where Email10k falls short

  • The content library may be too big. Email10k has so many modules that you might get overwhelmed. You also may feel that you’ll never be able to watch all the modules to get your money’s worth each month for $247.

  • Lack of transparency from Alex. Alex makes money off the software subscriptions he promotes on his YouTube channel and to his Email10k students. He’s an affiliate or partner in nearly all the software programs he recommends and doesn’t disclose this affiliate relationship. There should be more transparency about how Alex makes his money off his students.

  • The difficult process to cancel your Email10k subscription. When I decided it was time to cancel my Email10k subscription, I had to message one of Alex’s associates to request a cancellation. There should be an easy way to cancel your subscription for a course that charges so much.

  • Most of the information can be learned for free. Whether it’s on Alex’s YouTube channel or other free resources, you can learn most of the Email10k information for free on your own time.

  • High price tag. A $247 per month fee may be too much for most beginner agency owners. We recommend joining the program, consuming the content, then canceling your subscription.

Who is Alex Berman?

Alex Berman has made a name for himself in the online world. He has a semi-popular YouTube channel where he provides loads of helpful information on how you can get started with cold email for free. 

He also covers the basic software tools that make it easy to send out hundreds of emails to prospects each day. It turns out there are plenty of useful tools that can automate every part of the cold email outreach process, and Alex recommends the best ones that beginners can get started with.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Alex makes the bulk of his money through the software programs that he promotes to his audience and Email10k subscribers. Some of the software programs that Alex Berman is an affiliate or partner with include:

  • LeadShark

  • Taplio

  • MailShake

  • Lemlist

  • Zopto

One of the first things I realized when going through Alex Berman’s cold email course is that he’s using his status as an affiliate for these software products to make money off the people in the Email10k program. 

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I wish that Alex was more upfront about his affiliate relationships with all the software products he’s recommending. In my experience, most of the programs that he recommends are worth the cost, but again, I wish there was more transparency from Berman and his team.

The course you’re interested in is his Email10k program which promises you the ability to acquire clients for your agency through the magic of cold email. 

While Alex provides a ton of value in his Email10k program, it may be hard to justify the $247 per month price tag. 

However, those that acquire high-paying clients through the system may be able to shell out the monthly fee if they’re closing six-figure deals like the program promises.

Email10k review

My goal is to give you an unbiased review of the Email10k cold email course that Alex offers to new agency owners. Below is my review of the program and why you may want to consider investing in the course to get your first few agency clients.

What is Email10k?

Email10k is the brand name for a collection of programs that Alex Berman offers. Under the Email10k brand, he also has modules that cover how to grow your agency, using Twitter to acquire new clients, and lots of other helpful content. 

I will say that Alex and his team delivered on content in the Email10k program. There must be over 200 hours of instruction in the Email10k program and Alex goes very in-depth on a lot of topics that you need to hear if you want to use cold email to acquire clients.

If you join the course, I recommend starting with the Email10k modules first, although you will be tempted to try one of the 5 other courses you have to choose from. 

You shouldn’t be surprised when you scroll through all the modules in Email10k and realize that it’s going to take a long time to get through all the modules in the course. Berman outdid himself and you will have your hands full of long videos explaining crucial parts of having success with cold email outreach.

Alex recommends not to skip around to different modules in each program… but I did.

You’ll find that some of the modules don’t apply to you depending on where you’re at in your business journey, so it’s perfectly okay to skip around the Email10k program. However, beginners should make an effort to absorb all the information that Alex offers in the course.

Who is Email10k for?

Alex Berman’s cold email program isn’t meant for everyone. In fact, most people will find that they can’t continue to justify $247 per month and that there may be high turnover for students who opt out of his program.

New agency owners will certainly benefit from the content that Alex offers in Email10k. If you have no prior experience with email marketing or how to approach cold emailing, you should start by watching the videos on Alex’s YouTube channel before you buy his course.

The program isn’t meant for experienced agency owners that are already successful in their respective fields. However, experienced agency owners may still stand to benefit from some of the cold email principles Alex teaches in the program.

Should you buy Email10k?

While there is no debating the fact that Alex and his team deliver on content in Email10k, I still think that the high cost isn’t justified. The course is full of free information that agency owners can find themselves online without having to spend $247 per month.

If you still think that you want to buy the course, there’s a high likelihood that you don’t stay in the course for very long. To be in the course for a year would mean that you’re spending almost $3,000 per year to be in a program that has free information that’s readily available online.

Final thoughts

Email10k may be a good option for beginner agency owners who are struggling to get their first few clients. Alex is an expert in cold emailing and has undoubtedly made millions through his cold email strategies. 

Today, Alex doesn’t send out as many cold emails as he did in the past. He mostly works on ways that he can generate the most money for himself by promoting the software products to his students and audience needed to get started with cold emailing. 

While the software programs he recommends are useful, I still wish there was some transparency about the methods that Alex makes his money off his students.

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Table of Contents
  1. Where Alex Berman's cold email program shines
  2. Where Email10k falls short
  3. Who is Alex Berman?
  4. Email10k review
  5. What is Email10k?
  6. Who is Email10k for?
  7. Should you buy Email10k?
  8. Final thoughts
  9. Alex Berman links