Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

How to Get Started Affiliate Marketing

…even if you're new or have failed before.

Why Use JetPage for Affiliate Marketing?

JetPage is a fairly new website builder that is meant to be a better alternative to WordPress. The creators of JetPage built the platform on AWS, so you get fast load times and perfect Core Web Vitals and GTMetrix scores right off the bat.

It doesn't require clunky plugins that need constant updates and maintenance. JetPage prioritizes creating content over obsessing about design features that slow a website down.

You'll Learn:

- How to set up your affiliate marketing website (without WordPress)

- Keyword research methods to find opportunities on Google

- How to create quality content to build an audience

- The two types of blog posts you'll ever need to make

- Advanced SEO skills that I use with my clients

- How to make passive income from your blog this year

Why Affiliate Marketing?

There's a reason that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular business models for digital marketers. However, making the big bucks with affiliate marketing doesn't happen overnight, and anyone that is trying to tell you it does is wrong.

Did you know that over 90% of affiliate marketers have not made their first sale? It's never been easier to break into affiliate marketing if you learn the tools that the pros use so you can separate yourself from the 90%.

I'll teach you the basics of SEO in addition to advanced techniques you can use to get yourself or your clients discovered on Google.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

The affiliate marketing model gives you the ability to generate passive income where you're not trading your time for money. As M.J. DeMarco put it in The Millionaire Fastlane, the get rich slow model of working 8 hours per week for 40 years is wrong and you shouldn't accept that as your path.

Affiliate marketing has the following benefits:

  • Time and location freedom

  • Low startup costs

  • Zero overhead

  • High profit margins

  • The ability to get in touch with warm leads

  • Creates multiple revenue streams

  • You can build a solid personal brand

  • You'll start networking with other influencers in your space

  • Minimal ongoing costs

  • Easy scalability

  • The potential to outsource and automate your business

  • Ability to build a large email list

  • Getting found on search engines organically

  • More website traffic

  • More conversions

Ready to start your affiliate marketing journey?

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